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Wood Decking

Wooden decking is one of our most popular options for decking and something we have a lot of experience working with.

What Type Of Wood Decking Do We Fit?

We fit grade 4 timber decking.

This wood has the highest strength and lasts the longest.

Does Wood Decking Need To Be Treated?

All of our wooden decking is pre-treated. However, it can be beneficial to treat it once per year afterward for maintenance.

We like to use Osmo oil for this when the decking is dry, as this can help improve longevity. We’ll always make sure a member of the team explains this during installation, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

How Long Does Wood Decking Last?

Roughly ten years with regular treatment; however, this depends on many factors, including how well it is maintained, how well it has been constructed, and the weather conditions.

How Much Does Wood Decking Cost?

Wooden decking costs £100 to £200 per square metre, which is more affordable than our composite options.

You can use the calculator below for an estimate of the price if you have an idea of the size of your decking area.

Decking Calculator

Get an estimate price for your decking project.


Examples Of Wooden Decking Projects We Have Completed

Check out some of our recent work using wooden decking. We’re able to design a wooden deck to match your space, no matter big or small.