Large Wrap-around Extension Decking


Large black anthracite decking around a white extension

We received an enquiry through the website about an extension being completed and the idea was to have decking out the back to complete the home renovation.

The initial part of the project was to create a wrap-around deck of the new extension.The customer chose an anthracite board to match the anthracite doors of the extension.

Due to the elevation falling away more than previously thought we created a 3 tiered step which we installed lights in to make access to the garden easy and safe. Having completed the original project the customer decided that it would be best to wrap the decking around the whole house.

So we returned at a later date to complete the project which achieved a stunning full wrap around deck which made the whole house accessible from the back.

To date this is one of our largest installations and it’s a project which we are proud to showcase.