Large Millboard Spa Decking


A swimming pool with decking surrounding it

As an approved millboard installer we get sent local enquiries and this one was to create a large decking around a swim spa after the customer stopped the work of the previous company as they used untreated wood.

We removed the existing wood and started from scratch. We decided to go with grade 4 timber which we painted in bitumen to give it extra protection due to it being a swim spa area and on millboards pro plas legs as the ground was known to get waterlogged so the foundation of the decking could never rot. 

It was critical the decking was built as strong as possible as the owner intended to host parties with large numbers of people so we put supporting legs between as many joists and noggins. We also had to make hatches so the swim spa could regularly be accessed so we created a bespoke double frame solution to make the hatches a feature of the decking. 

The existing deck was over 100m2 in size and we also built a 30m2 extension section over the stream as a base for a gym building to be installed at a later date.

This was a large project which both ourselves and the customer were delighted with the end product we produced.