Balcony Renovation


An aerial view of a decking balcony and house

A challenging transformative project in the peak district to replace an unsafe wooden decking with a composite decking. Access was limited and with the project being at height a lot of planning went into the project.

The clients were unhappy with the current design so we proposed a new design to maximise space whilst keeping privacy. We achieved this using our in house design service so the client got a visual representation of what we were building.

We also created custom steps which shallowed the sharp drop to the garden out making the garden more safe to access. Below the elevated decking we built a log store to utilise the space in an aesthetically pleasing manner whilst also making accessing the logs easy and practical.

The finishing touch on the project was the use of steel wire balustrades. They achieved a high end finish whilst also making the decking safe. Attached to custom 6 metre balustrade timber beams which were concreted in a few feet allowed us to get a lot of tension in the wires further strengthening them.

These custom balustrades allowed the customers to have a great view from the balcony which they previously hadn’t had. From concept to completion we are particularly proud of what we have achieved for our customers on this project. It showcases the best of what a decking can achieve in transforming the outside space of the property.